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Our Course Categories

We are a learning and development institution focused on building capacity of individuals and institutions in emerging technologies in Nigerian and across Africa.


Application Security

Fraudsters do innovate, capitalising on vulnerabilities found in mobile or web applications. Hence, fraud has become dynamic in nature. Once a major fraud occurs, it hampers the business as consumers lose confidence. Businesses driven by technology m...


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence tools and applications have become part of daily living. The use of Google maps to identify best routes to take in order to avoid traffic jam to getting instant credit offers based on our social media profile and buying patter...



The world has become a global village and as such businesses can get rid of barriers and build global businesses. The blockchain technology allows businesses and consumers to transact without geographical barriers in a seamless manner as long as the ...


Course Category- Others

Bodies of knowledge that don't fall under other course categories listed on the website....


Data Science

Data has become the backbone of all we do in this age. Businesses can now predict outcomes and minimise losses through data science. Data science has gone beyond business intelligence and has also increased the output of businesses within a short tim...