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What is data science?Data science has an intersection with artificial intelligence but is not a subset of artificial intelligence. Data science is the study of an aroused curiosity in any given field, the extraction of data from a large source of data related to the question in mind, processing data, analysing and visualising this data, so as to make meaning out of it for IT and business strategies. In simple terms, it is understanding and making sense of data. A lot of tools are used in data science. They include statistical tools, probabilistic tools, linear and metric algebra, numerical optimisation and programming. An application of data science: Pick a random concept. I choose sponsorship. How do people get sponsorship for a cause. Who is usually willing to respond to an email calling for sponsors. What keywords do they look out for in emails requesting for sponsorship? would they prefer a phone call? In this case, data science can help. A pool of data related to everyone who has ever sponsored a cause, why they sponsored it, their preferences in terms of communication channels etc is pulled up a large set of unstructured data. The data is processed, analysed and visualised using the various tools we already talked about. Conclusions are made from this data. This information can help non-profits and people pursing a cause to look out for sponsors. Data Science is not fully Artificial intelligence, however portions of Data science intersect with Artificial intelligence.When it comes right down to it, one thing is common to these buzz words — 

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